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Why should you choose Originex P2P over any centralized exchange?

Here is how a decentralized P2P exchange differs from a centralized counterpart.


Lack of access to proper cryptocurrency services is the reason behind the slower adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide. Not all cryptocurrency exchanges make trades easy as Originex P2P trading does. There are many centralized exchanges that charge a huge transaction fee making crypto unaffordable for people of all financial climates.

Originex P2P vs. Centralized Exchange

Originex is a truly decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that matches orders using a smart algorithm. Originex P2P does not require any third party for identity verification and authorization, thus enhancing the user’s privacy. To protect privacy, Originex offers a multitude of payment options including fiat and other forms of exchange. However, not all cryptocurrency exchanges are 100% P2P and decentralized. Those centralized counterparts are subjected to local regulations that restrict people from having a seamless trading experience.

The centralized exchanges subjected to regulations are asked to collect the user’s information by the government of that particular nation. This includes the transaction details and other personal information, resulting in an erosion of the privacy for which cryptocurrencies are aiming.

Originex P2P trading engine allows individuals to transfer assets and conduct business transactions without being interrupted or monitored by anyone.

Advantages of Originex P2P over CEX

  • Originex P2P allows people to trade crypto assets across the globe in no time. It acts as a platform that gives you access to a global market of cryptocurrency buyers and sellers.
  • Originex offers a multitude of payment options to the users when compared to the leading centralized counterparts. Originex includes person-to-person fiat transactions for those who aren’t big fans of bank transactions.
  • Since Originex has a low operating cost, the transaction fee incurred by Originex P2P is also very low. The centralized exchanges incur a flat or fixed transaction fee, even for small transactions.
  • A secured escrow system is another added advantage for the Originex P2P users and traders. The funds are held by Originex and will be released to the parties at opposite ends only when the conditions are met. This ensures a fair and relentless trading experience.

Originex supports the adoption of cryptocurrency

Originex with its safe trading systems encourages everyone to use cryptocurrency transactions either for business or personal activities, fueling the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. As more and more people are turning away from centralized exchanges towards P2P, the acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies will grow.


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