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OPay — A perfect payment partner for business

Are cryptocurrency payments sustainable? Do they enhance your business? Check the decentralized payment gateway solution by Originex.


Opay — A Decentralized Payment Gateway
Digitalization allows anyone to send messages across the world. So, why not transfer funds? Everything conventional industry is going digital and the main reason behind this is the mass adoption of the latest technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain. Cryptocurrency payment systems offer a great way for businesses and merchants to stand out from their fellow competitors. The increased ease and reduced risks in cryptocurrency payments put an end to paper transactions. The transactions involving fiat currencies involve a lot of procedures and are subject to tax and regulations that vary from country to country, making business transactions perplexing. With most of the developed and developing countries having shifted to digital payments, the accessibility and popularity of crypto payments grows and is certainly the future of finance, business, and investments.

Originex offers an ideal decentralized payment gateway to cater to your business and personal needs. Now, getting paid for your products or services is seamless with Originex’s O-Pay. You can make transactions with peace of mind, while O-pay will take care of everything. O-pay works with merchants and crypto services around the world to build a robust and crypto-centric network.

Complete decentralization and security
Owing to the fact, cryptocurrencies exclusively work online, there are no governing authorities that control your transactions in O-pay. Also, the entire payment gateway is designed in a robust, adaptive, and transparent manner where there are no hidden charges. The points of operation are made simple and clear, getting rid of unnecessary complications. The merchants or users can have complete control over their funds as O-pay allows them to view all the transactions made from or to their wallets. Also, the wallet balance can be accessed with the click of a button.

The payments made through O-pay are the safest, as the transaction details are recorded on a distributed ledger, getting rid of scams associated with traditional commerce. The payments made can be tracked and viewed on the explorer as well, enhancing transparency.



Transactions occurring through wire or credit, and debit cards are more prone to identity thefts. While using card payments, personal details of users including card number and pin are asked for, by the gateway. This risks the user’s funds in banks. Since hackers are getting better at what they do, these financial and personal data might be their hotspot to steal client financials. O-pay shields you from such frauds as the transactions are powered by blockchain with multi-level encryption to ensure the safety of funds.

Enhance your business
By accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment to your business, O-pay makes your merchant’s life easier. O-pay offers tons of features to boost businesses with utmost ease. When you accept crypto payments, you are more likely to attract customers across the world who are passionate about cryptocurrency. Offering a multitude of payment modes to your customers always keeps you a step ahead compared to your competitors.
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