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Mirror to open the gate for every creator

Mirror is very much similar to Medium but fueled by the ethereum blockchain eyes subscription and some new features ahead.


In Brief
Previous method:
1) Mirror is open for writers to publish their thoughts with the utmost freedom, given that they are voted in by the existing members of the community (WRITE Race).
2) The voting would occur every Wednesday afternoon.
Latest Update:
1) The users need not participate in WRITE Race (community voting to post their thoughts)

What is Mirror?
There are regular updates in the history of symbolic communication (communication through writing) and Mirror is the next big thing. The ultimate aim of Mirror is to revolutionize the way people express, share and monetize their thoughts through its decentralized, crypto-based network owned by the users.
Mirror is pretty much similar to Medium, but taking a decentralized way of storing and publishing content. Mirror introduces a ton of crypto-native features that will help crypto-based companies and writers to share their updates seamlessly. Mirror is based on a decentralized ethereum-based blogging protocol that allows the users to log in and express with by connecting an ethereum wallet. Making use of Arweave, a blockchain-based storage protocol to permanently back up content, and enhance their censorship resistance, Mirror stands out from the crowd.

No more WRITE Race!
Though Mirror was launched last December with an intention to open its door for all creators, it did not function so. Until its latest update, the writers had to access Mirror only after earning enough votes on the Mirror’s weekly WRITE race. WRITE race is a community voting event that allows the WRITE token holders to choose the new entrants to the community. The writers finishing in the top 10 (based on the number of votes) will be offered a free WRITE token and they will be allowed to redeem for a blog. Say, if you own a cryptocurrency blog named writerhood, you can claim your mirror subdomain as


Mirror — Use Cases
Mirror, the first of its kind decentralized blogging protocol offers a variety of crypto-centric economic elements to its users:

  • Monetization for users
  • Ability to offer NFT collectibles
  • Launch Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Hold auctions
  • Crypto-native way to share community updates
  • Publicly share long-term info in a decentralized way

Emily Segal, a writer funded her next novel through Mirror, in April. $1.9 million worth of ETH was raised in July for the upcoming documentary about Ethereum.

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