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Defi coins — Top Coins by Market Cap

Is DeFi the future of Finance? Should you make investments in DeFi? Find the top 5 DeFi coins by market capitalization.


DeFi (decentralized finance) is the umbrella term for decentralized applications that enable users to trade assets, build financial products, and store value on blockchains. The goal of DeFi is to create a more direct financial system using blockchain technology and platforms such as Ethereum. This decentralized crowdfunding can be anything from a new way of funding startups to reduce the overhead of traditional Venture Capital, an innovative token that represents ownership in an asset or company by fractions instead of shares or bonds, or even just a wallet service that enables individuals to interact with their money on the blockchain directly.

And yet there’s no consensus on what DeFi is and how it will work. The idea of funding startups using blockchain is a good one, but that issue has been thorny enough that DeFi projects have been criticized for it (even if they don’t use the capital raised). The question of startups and equity is also open to debate, as those who attach equity to a token need to build their identity around the equity valuation more than offering it as a consumer-facing product.

The most obvious application for DeFi is the trading of traditional financial products on blockchains. This area was pioneered by applications like eToro which allows users to trade stocks using Ethereum in a decentralized fashion. But the biggest use of DeFi will be the ability to democratize finance by using software to provide simple financial products that anyone can create and interact with.

A bird’s eye view to top defi coins of the year 2021!


Maker is a decentralized stable coin with a dollar-pegged token called Dai. The Dai collateral is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to peg its value to the dollar. It’s one of the most popular Defi projects, as it allows people to access a secure asset that can be traded even if there are problems with traditional banking systems.

FACT: MakerDAO was the first DeFi protocol to reach a total value locked (or “TVL”) of $1 billion in 2020.


Aave operates as a crypto lending service and is an accessible Defi platform. It employs a non-custodial liquidity procedure that does not authorize one to borrow crypto assets but also reap interest on them.


Any professional investor must be familiar with the volatility and price oscillations the DeFi and crypto market brings with it, just like any other conventional asset market. Nevertheless, if one needs a less volatile token then they can consider DAI.


One of the prime DeFi tokens of 2021 is ChainLink. It performs as the link between the tremendous amount of information being trafficked between crypto DApps.


One of the colonists of the DeFi crypto programs is the Uniswap (UNI) decentralized exchange. It is moreover one of the top ten defi projects of 2021. It utilizes an Automated Market Marker system (AMM) to make sure that there is enough liquidity for ERC20 tokens for being traded on the website.

The crypto space has seen three versions of Uniswap so, far. Here is a link that could help you find the differences.

Uniswap V1 vs V2 vs V3

Market capitalization

  • Uniswap: $13,356,840,135
  • Chainlink (LINK): $7,945,629,253
  • Dai (DAI): $5,110,268,416
  • Maker (MKR): $2,382,541,623
  • Aave (AAVE) : $220.97 $2,860,328,306

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