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BitYaar - The Revolution in African financial system

Here is why BitYaar will bring revolutions in the financial systems of Africa. BitYaar aims to take the fruits of decentralization to everyone in Africa.


Led by a team of young people of various nationalities, the African stock exchange project Bityaar aims to revolutionize the way Africans perceive finance and investment. It aims to be a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, shares, and profit-sharing on a global scale. Bityaar should, according to its creators, constitute an alternative to the problems of financing start-ups in African countries. The platform is still under construction and is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2022. 

Bityaar is a project initiated by the management team of the company Smart network trade and technology (SNTT). Launched in 2017, SNTT specializes in computer programming (websites, e-commerce platforms, etc.) and blockchain technology (creation of cryptocurrency and digital wallets). It is in view of the difficulties encountered by African startups in their quest for funding that the idea of launching an African stock exchange, taking into account the realities of the continent, was born in the minds of the project's designers. They want to open up Africa to Africans and other continents by allowing them to finance African startups. This will provide African companies with appropriate means of financing that will offer them stability and financial independence.   


What Bityaar offers 

BitYaar's ambition is to lead innovative actions in the African market. The platform aims to help companies gain attractiveness and raise funds to expand their business. This will allow investors to get a good return on their investment in the long term. BitYaar will build a world-class crypto-currency, equity, and profit-sharing exchange that will fuel the future of industrialization across Africa. Bityaar's vision is to boost Africa's eco-economy, by facilitating access to financial assets and providing technology innovation solutions through its platform.  

To achieve this, BitYaar will introduce transparency in its financial applications through the integration of the BitYaar blockchain. It will act as a portal for developers who can use it to create applications (decentralized applications) through its smart contracts. The BitYaar Chain operates in a decentralized manner, with transactions taking place between pairs around the world without intermediaries. This reduces the operating and processing costs associated with the network. 

Bityaar places great emphasis on security, thanks to a tailored use of technology in the registration system. For example, each transaction is stored in a block. Transactions are linked by hash mechanisms, i.e. each transaction is connected, which guarantees traceability. BitYaar transactions are irreversible.  They cannot be canceled or stopped in the middle of a transaction by anyone for any reason.  Moreover, the data stored in the BitYaar chain is immutable.   

The BitYaar Chain also makes it easier for users to transact, by shortening the time it takes. Transactions take as little as 30 seconds, depending on network or traffic congestion. Thanks to BitYaar, Africans will be able to make online purchases and cross-border payments seamlessly. 


Profit-sharing, an innovation of the Bityaar platform 

The profit-sharing protocol is an incubator that aims to raise funds to finance projects with proven returns. Profits will be redistributed periodically to investors and project owners over the long term. It is an opportunity open to investors from all over the world and to good project holders. Bityaar has an analysis and monitoring committee that oversees the Profit-Sharing projects, to ensure good management and transparency. Members of the BitYaar community can participate directly in the business of companies by buying their shares listed on BitYaar. When the company performs well and achieves good results, the profits are shared among the investors who own shares in the company.  BitYaar guides investors by offering the shares of good companies to skyrocket their returns in the future. 


The Bityaar Startup 

It's an innovative idea that aims to help investors and members of the BitYaar community to be part of promising future projects. The BitYaar Startup is an IDO platform that lists good projects in the crypto-currency and challenging space. The idea is to nurture innovative ideas by bringing them to the attention of the crypto enthusiast society. Project owners can list their projects in the BitYaar startup and focus on the development part without worrying about the scope of the project. The BitYaar start-up helps potential projects to get exposure and raise funds. Projects are launched worldwide in a transparent and secure manner.  


Bityaar Pay, to facilitate payments 

BitYaar Pay

With BitYaar Pay, sellers and merchants in Africa can start accepting crypto payments for their businesses.  Thus, they attract a huge customer base worldwide because, BitYaar Pay makes payments borderless, easy, and at insignificant costs. Sellers can offer their products and services in the global market. Receiving a payment becomes easy by sharing your BitYaar Pay address with the sender.   

The Bityaar project was officially presented to the various partners and investors on 25 September 2021 in Ouagadougou. Its implementation is expected to create 400 direct jobs in several countries of the sub-region where representations will be established. 



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