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Bitmair - Crypto investment for beginners

Here is why Bitmair is a complete and holistic cryptocurrency investment platform. Bitmair has got you covered in every situation...


Why choose Bitmair?

There is no second thought when it comes to investment. But the key is choosing a reliable and ethical investment platform that values your hard-earned money. No matter what it takes, Bitmair does everything possible to deliver a positive and profitable crypto experience to its users. Bitmair has always aimed at delivering high-quality services in accordance with international standards and regulatory frameworks. The idea is to make investing accessible to everyone through a convenient and outstanding trading experience. 

Bitmair simplifies your investment journey by facilitating every small feature including but not limited to lower withdrawal fee, zero-deposit fee, negative balance protection, and user data privacy. In addition, Bitmair offers a variety of trading tools to make investment a walk in the park even if you do not have any prior experience. With a user-friendly interface and clear-cut navigated platform, Bitmair is your one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

Enhanced User Security

Bitmair always takes the security of its ecosystem and user data privacy very seriously. Therefore, Bitamir has its own robustly built in-house system to provide excellent enhanced privacy features. Bitmair has got your data covered as they are stored on a secured cloud network. The sensitive client data is encrypted and stored on a 256-bit SHA encryption. Considering the privacy of user data, Bitmair does not share them with any third-party financial institutions or payment processors. Everything that happens as a part of Bitmair's operation is only between Bitmair and its clients, giving no room for a data breach.

Negative balance protection

The term 'Negative Balance Protection' has become the hottest word in the forex space since 2011. The concept is to safeguard the investors from losing more money than they invested. But you could never a big number of investment platforms promising negative balance protection. Bitmair cares for your funds and we at Bitmair guarantee you the negative balance protection for your investments.

Negative balance protection is a fairly simple concept that you can't lose more money than what is on your account. You don't owe any money to the investment platform. 

In traditional forex trade facilitators, say you invest $100 to your account. If there is sudden market turbulence, and you suffer a 30% loss, you would lose 130% of your initial deposited money, i.e., $130. This means your $100 balance won't cover your losses and you would owe the broker $30 – if they didn't provide negative balance protection.

However, at Bitmair, if you perform the same transaction, there is no way your loss can exceed $100. Also, there is no room for losses. Bitmair has brought up the top-notch strategies to grow your funds x times.

Why pay for deposits?

Looking at the cryptocurrency arena, a deposit fee is something that every crypto platform has in common. But why would platforms incur a fee when you just begin by depositing the funds? Bitmair does not charge a single penny for deposits and internal transfers. The entire operation of Bitmair is transparent, genuine, and based on ethical norms. Bitmair is one of the finest crypto investment and trading platforms with the lowest withdrawal fee. 

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