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An Introduction to O-Shop

How do blockchain and cryptocurrency disrupt the traditional e-commerce industry? Integration of blockchain and shopping platforms will undoubtedly;y deliver an immense purchase power to the community.


Blockchain or distributed ledger technology, apart from being the driving force in the global economy and finance has also gained critical acclaim in the e-commerce industry. E-commerce becomes one of the pioneers in using blockchain technology for facilitating better financial transactions. Blockchain and cryptocurrency seem to be instrumental in solving the current problems faced by the e-commerce industry.

O-Shop — Blockchain in E-commerce
Transactions. This is what both blockchain and E-commerce have in common. O-Shop’s idea is to integrate blockchain with e-commerce for safer and faster transactions. Blockchain fuels O-shop to handle the user activities like payment processing, product purchase, and customer care. O-Shop is bound to revolutionize your conventional shopping experience by allowing you to purchase in online stores worldwide that accept crypto assets as payment. O-Shop allows e-commerce websites to manage and track their deliveries and financial settlements through an easy-to-use dashboard. With O-Shop you can experience better products and services and more thorough listings. This is how O-Shop benefits both the supply and demand sides of the equation.

The exciting thing about O-Shop is, it benefits everyone involved in the activity, right from retailers to buyers. Making crypto payments and product sales through O-Shop becomes the potential solution for financial security and cyber threat concerns. There is no need for inventory management and third-party payment processors, that effectively reduce the cost of operation.

Cut down the fees!
Being a seller or retailer, O-Shop allows you to combine payment processing, inventory management, and product listings with other business activities in a convenient way. As a consequence, you get to spend lesser on maintaining systems that facilities these activities, and you need not depend on an IT support team to get things done. Accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment cuts down the fees that conventional financial institutions charge to facilitate transactions. Undoubtedly, O-Shop will make e-commerce budget-friendly and less complicated.

Get rid of cyber threats


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With digitalization, most online retailers feel really difficult to keep up with their fellow competitors and the rising customer expectations. They are pushed into a situation to protect their customer’s data from breaches and millions of cash being lost due to cyber-attacks. O-Shop becomes the perfect solution for millions of retailers across the globe to overcome the challenges they face. O-Shop offers the highest level of security for the customers in form of distributed ledgers for managing e-commerce databases.

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